September is Suicide Prevention Month (Ketamine)

Ketamine for Depression Louisville

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

We wanted to make as many people as possible aware that Ketamine remains the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE treatment to obtain relief from suicidal thinking, severe depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Partum Depression [Child Birth Depression] and Reactive Depression from death of a loved one and or divorce.

Ketamine treatment by itself NATIONALLY is effective in 65% of patients within 2 weeks.

“I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief.” Alice Levitt, Medical Writer and Editor

At Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine/ Kentuckiana Ketamine Institute, we have been blessed with a higher success rate with our individualized Ketamine program, which involves Ketamine dosing adjustments as well as other alternative medicine therapies/treatments to compliment Ketamine, including proprietary IV Nutritional therapies, supplements, self-help tools/books and counseling that dramatically enhance the effectiveness of Ketamine.

We recommend 6 treatments in a 2-3 week period + booster.

“Ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades.” Thomas Insel, Director, National Institute of Mental Health

SAVINGS IN SELF CARE: 50% OFF Consultation Fee & More

In order to make Ketamine therapy more available we are offering 50% off consultation fee [save $150] and an additional $500 savings on our treatment program which involves 7 Ketamine sessions.

Our Individualized KETAMINE THERAPY Program at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine/Kentuckiana Ketamine Institute—Treatment Options and Effectiveness:

  • With our proprietary 7 Ketamine Reset & Restore Formula at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine about 75 to 85 percent of patients with severe depression and suicidal thinking respond and recover faster than with any other therapy available including the standard 6 sessions of Ketamine therapy. [Only 6 treatments with few if any side effects after 8 hours.] With Ketamine thinking is improved.
  • With Standard Ketamine Therapy About 65 to 75 percent of patients with severe depression and suicidal thinking who try ketamine treatment say it’s effective.
  • In comparison: With ECT-“Shock Therapy” only 50 to 60% of patients respond + Temporary Memory Loss
  • With TMS-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation only 35-45% of patients respond. [Generally requires 30 treatments at $300 per treatment = $9,000]
  • With Antidepressants only 35 to 48 percent of patients respond and most have unwanted side effects like weight gain, decreased sex drive, fatigue etc. [Antidepressants often takes 2-3 months to work and often multiple medications are needed with limited effectiveness. Nevertheless for many people antidepressants have been lifesaving and should NOT be abruptly stopped.

september is ketamine depression awareness month ketamine treatment

About Ketamine

KETAMINE GROWS BRAIN NERVE CELLS [see images below] improving BRAIN function and relieving symptoms of the above problems. Ketamine literally is like a brain reset similar to when we reset a computer.

Patients often begin to feel better after the FIRST treatment. The majority of patients feel much better after the 3rd treatment with a “lifting” of the oppressive suffocating cloud of depression. The racing negative thoughts often subside and there is significant improved in one’s ability to function and think clearly.

PET SCAN of BRAIN after KETAMINE therapy with IMPROVED BRAIN activity.

On rare occasions, we have had patients say they do not feel better after 6 treatments; however, family will report that the patient is “finally getting out of bed, helping around the house and even went out to dinner with us.”

We had one patient who had NOT gone to a family Christmas Party for 5+ years due to his depression and social anxiety. After Ketamine therapy he was not only able to attend his family Christmas party, he was able to enjoy himself.

He tried IWOSKA and Medicinal Mushrooms in Jamaica through a guided Louisville Medical Tourism company. He reported that those helped some, but nothing was as effective as Ketamine.

While KETAMINE is extremely effective at relieving the worst symptoms, people need to learn new mental health skills in reprogramming their brain. Simple breathing techniques can be extremely powerful at controlling anxiety and “stinking thinking.”

ketamine depression treatment louisville ky

Ketamine: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Ketamine given?

As an IV – Intravenous Injection or IM as an intramuscular Injection. Both are effective. The IV approach is more controlled and the experience is less intense in comparison to IM-Intramuscular. Some patients prefer one over the other.

What will I experience?

You will be sedated or sleepy, but generally aware enough to respond to those around you. The experience can on occasion be scary at higher doses because you may hallucinate, feel like your body is lifting or “your dying” but patients quickly realize they are safe with the reassurance of our team or a loved one. Many laugh and feel they are connected to God or source and feel they are getting guidance.

A few will cry a little at the beginning as they process and release some past traumas. The great majority of patients feels relaxed and content and even laugh. The nice thing about reliving any past trauma is that after Ketamine those thoughts no longer trigger a person into anxiety and depression.

Somehow with the Brain restored and reset a person can “put the brakes on automatically” without going into a negative cycle.

Why is Ketamine treatment so expensive since medicine is inexpensive?

The ability of a clinic to offer Ketamine therapy comes with tremendous unseen costs and responsibilities involving much higher than usual malpractice insurance, trained medical team consisting of skilled nursing personnel, physician trained in Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Counselors and Psychiatrists.

Is Ketamine Safe?

YES, very.

Ketamine is extremely safe, particularly at the doses needed to help patients with emotional problems. It should not be given to patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure or recent head injury where increased blood pressure could be harmful.

Isn’t Ketamine a “horse tranquilizer” and a “street or club drug of abuse”?


Ketamine can be used and has been used to perform surgery on People and Animals for many years. It is and remains one of the most effective and powerful anesthesia / surgery tools because unlike other medications used in surgery /anesthesia that lower blood pressure and reduce breathing, KETAMINE actually supports a patient’s ability to breathe and to maintain blood pressure and pulse. Equally important, Ketamine is extremely effective at controlling pain. Once when an epidural in a pregnant lady stopped working during a C-section [Surgical delivery of a baby] Dr. Cruz was able to provided sedation and pain control so the baby could be delivered without pain and Mom’s incision could be repaired /sutured without her experiencing any pain or awareness. This patient did not have a tube in her trachea. She was breathing on her own with nasal cannula oxygen. She received much higher doses than those used for emotional problems. Ketamine has been abused by “club goers” like many other prescription medications including propofol, oxycodone, fentanyl, valium, xanax etc. Abuse of a prescription medication is complete different from modest judicious use of a medication by an experienced team/physician.

Should I stop my other medications?


Antidepressant and other medications can be helpful and must be weaned off slowly and under physician supervision. Some say anti-anxiety medicines like valium may make Ketamine less effective. This may be true for some patients; however, the majority of the patients we have seen responded well even if on anxiety medicine and many do not feel comfortable reducing their anxiety medication. This link on antidepressant tapering may help you but speak to your physician.

The two most powerful tools to overcome mental health challenges are in your head and in your hand. We can all learn to improve control of our thoughts by using our phones, self help books and specific supplements.

“A smartphone is only really a smartphone when used to empower self.” R. Cruz MD

YouTube has a wealth of FREE audio self-help books, healing mediations, healing frequencies and meditations. These tools are extremely powerful and can be used all night long and even throughout the day.

Although readily available, these tools are still not often used by most patients with mental health challenges. Suggestions provided below.

  • YouTube Sleep Meditations, Healing Frequencies Audio Books
  • Breathing Techniques Easy as Deep Breath, Hold, Exhale very very slowly Begin with 5-10 breaths at night and then use skill during day when angry or anxious. Want to show video of me demonstrating.
  • Books
  • Vitamin D 5-10,000 ius per day
  • Light Therapy
  • Sunshine shining on retina
  • YouTube Sleep Meditations, Frequencies Audio Books
  • Counseling
  • Group Therapy Formal or Friends
  • Exercise – Just Walking Helps
  • Supplements: Theanine, 5HTP, Fish Oil
  • Medications
  • Healthy Foods –Sugar Avoidance

Helpful tip about what you can do to help prevent suicide:
Be kind and helpful to those who appear stressed and isolated. That could be you one day in a new city or college feeling alone and overwhelmed.

Prevalence of Depression

The Facts

Depression is most common in ages 18 to 25 (10.9 percent) and in individuals belonging to two or more races (10.5 percent). Women are twice as likely as men to have had a depressive episode, according to the NIMH and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It’s also the world’s leading cause of disability.

According to the American Psychological Association, about 10 to 15 percent of U.S. women have a depressive episode within three months of childbirth.

Depression after childbirth-left untreated, can be dangerous for parents and baby.

“Reset. Reconnect. Regrow Brain Cells & Restore Brain Health.” At Kentuckiana Ketamine Institute / Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) Injections for Addictions, Alcoholism and PTSD

We are also offering Ultrasound guided Neck Stellate Ganglion Block-SGB injections for addictions, alcoholism and PTSD. The SGB Block works to reset the portion of the central nervous system that controls the body’s flight or fight response.

This in office procedure involves an injection of Lidocaine into the nerves located at the C6-C7 vertebrae where the stellate ganglion is located.

All military personnel with PTSD will receive a 50% consultation discount and a procedure discount saving $125 and $400. Total cost $525.

Addictions of all sorts can be helped with the Sinclair method using naltrexone. All non-military individuals can also get a discount during September – November 2019.

PTSD military patient discusses his experience with Stellate Ganglion Block injections. PTSD Car Crash victim receives Stellate Ganglion Block injections.

Tim a retired military man after Stellate Ganglion Block: “About 36 hours later, I was like flying, I was floating on air,” he says, explaining that he felt as if a weight has been lifted from him and that he had noticeable and positive changes for the better since getting the injection. Tim needed a series of injections. *Results vary- all patients do not respond as well as Tim.

Dr. Lipov reports the injection [Stellate Ganglion Block is capable of rebooting the brain to a pre-trauma state. He explains that multiple studies are underway to learn more about the effectiveness and future possible uses for Stellate Ganglion Block injection.

Dr. Cruz explains that the SGB block has been around for many years and has been used for severe CRPS pain, heart angina pain, Shingles herpetic neuralgia pain, panic attacks, Raynauds syndrome and many others.

Stellate Ganglion Block Video

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