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Here at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine, we are proud to offer a medical breakthrough treatment known as Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP Therapy to help patients throughout Jefferson, Floyd & Clark County recover from chronic tendon, ligament and muscle injuries & joint conditions.

Our physicians are among a select group of Board-Certified medical practitioners in the country to offer PRP treatment and other regenerative medical therapies to relieve various health issues including:

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Hair Loss
  • Tennis & Golfers Elbow
  • Achilles Tendonitis (Ankle)
  • Jumper’s Knee (Patellar tendonitis)
  • Labrum Tears
  • Knee Sprains
  • Pulled Hamstring
  • Ankle Strains
  • ACL Tear
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Urinary Incontinence

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Benefits of PRP Injections

An Alternative to Surgery

Stem cell therapy is recognized as a safe, non-surgical procedure using a patient’s own growth factors to stimulate faster healing of torn ligaments and tendons, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. 

Benefits of PRP Treatment:

– Heal Damaged Tissue Naturally
– Alternative to Surgery
– Provide Lasting Pain Relief WITHOUT surgery

Our Doctors

Rafael F. Cruz M.D.

Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine is a premier medical clinic located in Jeffersonville, across Louisville, KY. With 70+ years combined experience, our physicians are trained to treat musculoskeletal & orthopedic injuries and more complex health conditions. Our goal is to find the underlying causes of your health ailment to relieve your pain and restore your health.


– PRP & Stem Cell Therapy (Mesenchymal Stem Cell-MSC)
– Non-Surgical Pain Management
– Hormone Replacement Therapy
– IV Vitamin Therapy
– Regenetative Medicine

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Patient Testimonials

Our Stem Cell Success Stories

Meet Jim F., Stem Cell & PRP Injections for Knees Patient

“I had been having problems with my knees for 10 years. I wanted to rebuild the cartilage in my knees before I ended up needing knee replacement [surgery]…3 months after [umbilical stem cell] injection, I’m not really having pain when I walk… vast improvement!…..I would certainly recommend [stem cell therapy]…”

Meet Kylee S., PRP & Prolotherapy Patient

“I was diagnosed with Osteochondritis of the pelvis [hip]. I had a lot of pain and couldn’t run, which is my sport. I had been to multiple doctors, but nothing was working. We started off with PRP and Prolotherapy therapy. After the first two sessions, I was able to start training again and after 5, I was able to run with no pain…”

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*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, stem cell and other procedures have a success and failure rate, has no guarantees and is not promoted as a cure. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site are personal experiences of our patients and should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else. Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.