Thousands of people every year find out about ozone and the wonderful things that it can do, but everyone has the same questions: What, How, When, Why, Where, Who?

• What is Ozone?
• Where does Ozone come from?
• What does Ozone Do? Where can it be used?
• What is Medical Ozone Therapy?
• What does the Ozone do when used for Medical Ozone Therapy?
• When Would I use Ozone Therapy?
• Will Ozone Therapy work for me? Will ozone work for diabetes, arthritis, lupus, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and thousands of other diseases?
• Why? What are the advantages of Ozone over more traditional therapies?
• How Do I Use Ozone Therapy?
• What are the Side Effects of Ozone?
• Where do I get Ozone Treatments?
• How Do I find an Ozone Doctor?
• Where do I find more information about ozone to help me understand it?

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When one first hears about the amazing things that ozone can do for your health the most common reaction is: confusion! How is it possible that something that is so effective in so many diseases is not used in every hospital and medical clinic? Well, that question it is a whole topic unto itself, and is covered in this related article that you will find here: Why Isn’t Ozone Used Everywhere?

In this article we are assuming that you have heard enough about ozone to trust that it works, and you are interested in learning more about ozone; where to get it and how to use it. After you read this and other information you’ll be a big fan of Ozone. You might not quite be an expert, but you will be well on your way to understanding ozone, how it works, and why it works..

What is Ozone?

You may already know that Ozone is an alternate version of oxygen. Oxygen in the air we breathe is actually two molecules of oxygen attached together, or O2. Ozone is an ‘activated’ form of oxygen where there are actually three atoms of oxygen attached together, forming a molecule that is “O3”. Ozone (O3) behaves completely differently than O2. Ozone is far more energetic and oxidative than Oxygen, which is what makes it so valuable to us for so many applications, such as Air Purification, Water Purification, and Medical Ozone Therapy Applications..

Where Does Ozone Come From?
Ozone is created in nature and can also be created by machines called ozone generators.

Natural Ozone
In nature, Ozone is created near the edge up space when Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) coming from the sun makes contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere. The energy from the UV is imparted to the oxygen and turns some of the oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). The layer of Ozone that is created is referred to as “The Ozone Layer”. The Ozone Layer is not only created by UV’s interaction with oxygen, but it also protects the Earth from UV rays coming from the sun. If it was not for the Ozone Layer, life as we know it would not exist on planet Earth.

Ozone is also created here at ground level, in many different places and by different processes. For example Ozone is created when UV light from the sun interacts with water spray and foam in waves. It is also created by water falls. Have you ever wondered why the air smells so fresh by the sea side or by a water fall? It is because there is ozone in the air in these areas.

Isn’t ozone “smog”? So isn’t’ ozone toxic?

On hot days in cities they always report the smog levels. If the smog levels are high they warn elderly and those of ill health to stay indoors. How do they measure the smog levels? The problem with smog is that ‘smog’ is actually a complex ever changing mixture of toxic gasses and particles. Since the constituents of smog are changing all the time, it is very difficult to measure it accurately. Early on it was noted that when smog levels are high, it is accompanied by a high level of ozone in the air. When smog levels are low, there is a low level of ozone in the air. We can all thank Mother Nature for the Ozone, as it is there to destroy (oxidize) the toxic chemicals in smog and return the air to a breathable status. But since ozone is so easy to measure, scientists gave up trying to measure smog and instead rely on ozone levels to indicate how much smog is in the air. Since they are measuring ozone levels, the word “Ozone” became synonymous with ‘smog’ and everyone gets the idea that ozone is toxic (which of course, it is not)..

Ozone is also created by thunderstorms. The lightning you see in the sky is a discharge of energy that had been building in the thundercloud. When the lightning bolt contacts the air, some of the oxygen (O2) in the air is turned into Ozone (O3). That fresh clean smell you experience during and after a thunderstorm is actually the smell of ozone.

Ozone Made by Machines.
In the late 1800’s it was found that ozone could be made artificially by exposing air to. The more energy you exposed the air to, the more ozone you can create. The machine used to create the ozone was simply referred to as an ‘ozone generator’. There a thousands of different ozone generators on the market, and hundreds of different ways to design and build them. They typically use two different types of technologies to generate the ozone: UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) and an electrical discharge method commonly referred to as Corona Discharge. While UV is simple to understand and use, the applications are limited due to the relatively low ozone output capabilities of a UV ozone generator. Since Medical Ozone Therapy requires relatively high ozone concentrations, the UV Technology is therefore usually reserved for very light water purification or air purification. Higher concentrations of ozone are available from the Corona Discharge technologies, but because there are hundreds of very different Corona Discharge technologies, they are more difficulat to understand. The difficulty in understanding how they work, makes it more difficult for the average consumer to know if they are purchasing the proper ozone generator, or not.

Because of the complexities of ozone generators it would be best if you read as much as you can before making a purchase. If you wish to know more about how an ozone generator works, and which ones are suitable for your application, you should first investigate all of the Corona Discharge technologies, make sure you know if the proper technology is in the ozone generator that you are considering purchasing. You must also ensure that the ozone, when inside the machine, does not come into contact with any components that are plastic, rubber, or metal, otherwise the ozone that is produced could be toxic. You also need to ensure that the ozone generator produces the proper ozone concentrations, or strengths of ozone, otherwise it simply will not work for you.

What Does Ozone Do? Where can it be used?
In chemical terms ozone is an oxidizer. In simpler terms it destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites, amoeba, mold, fungus, and also breaks down (destroys) harmful chemicals and impurities. It is 35 times more powerful than chlorine and yet leaves no harmful chemicals or byproducts behind, and if used properly and in the proper amounts, it is completely non-toxic.

Due to these wide ranging effects, ozone can be used successfully for:

  1. Water Purification
  2. Air Purification
  3. Food Preservation
  4. Agriculture (farms and greenhouses)
  5. Aquaculture (fish farms and seafood farms)
  6. Medical Ozone Therapy Treatments include Rectal Insufflation, Ozone Sauna, Vaginal Insufflation, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, etc).

What is Medical Ozone Therapy?
Medical Ozone Therapy is the use of ozone in medicine. It can be used outside the body (on the skin) and also inside the body (referred to as “systemic” Ozone Therapy Treatments). Ozone is used openly in medicine around the world, mainly in Europe, Asia, and South America. It is also gaining a foothold in North America. It is mind boggling how many different uses ozone has in the field of medicine, from disinfecting and healing external wounds, burns, and rashes, boosting of the immune system, to the successful treatment or control of internal systemic diseases of all kinds, from the common cold and flu through to chronic degenerative diseases that can scare, and disable us all.

To use Medical Ozone Therapy one has to use the proper ozone generator. As described in one of the previous sections  there are many different types of ozone generators on the market, and unfortunately most (close to all) are not suitable for medical applications. To use ozone medically, you need to ensure that the ozone you are using is pure and free of all possible contaminants, and the only way to be certain of this is to ensure that the ozone does not come into contact with any plastic, rubber, metal, or ceramics while inside the ozone generator. You also need to ensure that the ozone is in precise concentrations (or ‘strengths’). Just like using the wrong dose of a medicine, using the wrong dose of ozone could lead to the ozone not providing you with any benefit (the concentration is too low). Proper knowledge about the proper concentrations is essential, and ensuring the ozone generator you are using produces pure ozone at the proper concentrations is also essential.

What Does Ozone Do When Used for Medical Ozone Therapy?
Ozone works so well for such a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases that unfortunately many people don’t believe that the reported results could possibly be true. Well, they are. The reason it works for so many diseases and conditions is because it affects the biochemistry of the body in that it gets to the root cause of all diseases. What does it do and how does it do it?

1. Ozone modulates the immune system so that it functions as it was designed to function.
A weakened immune system means that you are vulnerable to becoming ill. It also means that if you become ill, you are less likely to recover if your immune system is weak. According to Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD those of you who are ill have a weakened immune system (this is guaranteed). Ozone has the ability to ‘wake up’ the immune system to make it function better.

2. Ozone increases oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells.
If we stopped breathing oxygen we would all be dead in 8 minutes or less. Why? Oxygen enables our cells to make energy. Without oxygen our cells can’t make energy, and without energy our cells will die. If our cells die, we die. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells by the RBC’s or Red Blood Cells. It also makes the Red Blood Cells more ‘squishy’ so that they can do a better job of fitting down long skinny blood vessels that supply your tissues and organs with blood and oxygen.

Want even more oxygen?  In combination with ozone, EWOT could be your answer to youthful vitality.

3. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact, and it inhibits the ability of viruses to attach to cells.
Killing bacteria is fantastic, as it inhibits their ability to cause disease. Ozone will also inhibit a virus’s ability to attach to cells. This is important. If a virus can’t attach to your cells, it can’t cause disease.

4. Ozone increases cellular energy production, making energy production more efficient.
You breathe oxygen so that it can be used to create energy in your cells. Quite often this process does not occur very efficiently, especially when humans age beyond the age of 30. Ozone helps to ‘reviatalize’ this process so that you can make more energy from that oxygen that you are breathing, just like fine tuning a car engine so that it can get more power out of gasoline.

5. Ozone decreases the level of oxidation in your body.
Oxidation is a normal biological process that is essential to life. Without Oxidation you would die. The problem is that oxidation sometimes gets out of control in the body, and the overall levels of oxidation get too high. It has been noted by researchers that all disease is accompanied by an increase in oxidation in the body beyond the normal limits. It would follow then that if you could lower the oxidation levels of your body back down to normal, this would help the body recover from any illness.

How would you do this? Take antioxidants of course, like Vitamin C, E, etc. The problem is that taking ‘antioxidants’ does not actually lower the oxidation levels of the body. It has been proen through scientific study that this method does not work. Taking a closer look at this researchers have realized why antioxidants don’t lower the oxidation levels of the body, because this job is actually handled by antioxidant enzyme systems in the body, not the antioxidants themselves. The antioxidant enzyme systems of your body must be sufficiently active and in sufficient supply in order for you to have a lowering of the overall oxidation levels of the body. It just so happens that this is what ozone does. Ozone increases the levels of antioxidant enzyme systems in your body, and also their activity, helping the body to achieve an overall lowering and balancing of the oxidation levels in your body, and thereby helping to bring the body back to a state of health.

That isn’t all that ozone does for you, but those are the “Top 5”

6. When Would I use Ozone Therapy?
You can see from the brief outline above what ozone does in the human body, it positively affects many of the processes essential for life. It is these exact processes that are compromised by disease. So, if you can support these processes, the basic processes of life, doesn’t it follow that you could improve most if not all diseases?

It is for this reason that Ozone Therapy is utilized (or can be utilized) for everything from colds and flu’s, to Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

7. What are the advantages of Ozone over more traditional Medical therapies?
What is the Advantage of Ozone? Why would I use it instead of normal Medical Procedures or Drugs?

Which medical therapy (or therapies) to use for a medical condition is a very personal choice. Many factors must be taken into consideration as to which therapy, or combination of therapies, will provide the greatest efficacy (effectiveness) while maintaining the safety of the patient and the least trauma or side effects (if any) to the body. This article is not intended to convince the reader to use Ozone instead of other therapies, but to clarify why ozone should be used as a front line treatment for many diseases and to point out the many advantages ozone has over other traditional medical therapies and other integrative medical therapies. Ozone is most often used in conjunction with other therapies, not as a stand-alone treatment.

Traditional “Medical Therapies” used by allopathic medical doctors tend to treat symptoms, not the disease itself. You may have read this before but most people fail to fully understand the implications of this basic “mistake” of traditional medicine. By simpling addressing the symptoms of a disease, the actual cause of the disease is left untreated. For example, the traditional way to treat high blood pressure is to simply prescribe a drug that lowers the blood pressure; problem solves. Or is it? There must be a reason for why the blood pressure went up in the first place, a mistake or error in the functioning of the body. If one takes drugs to simply push the blood pressure back down aritificially, that mistake or error in the functioning of the body that made the blood pressure rise still exists, it is still there. The high blood pressure is a sign that something is wrong, but it itself is not the underlying problem.

Ozone on the other hand, as mentioned above, can enhance the basic functions of life that are ongoing in your body every day. This is why ozone affects, in an almost miraculous way, virtually every single disease. Ozone is not treating disease, but instead is supporting the basic functions of life.  While some people will use ozone alone for their ailments or diseases, most people will use ozone with traditional medical therapy or with other Alternative or Integrative Medical Therapies. You don’t have to use ozone by itself and the suggestion is that you don’t.

So, what is the advantage of ozone over traditional therapies and other integrative or naturopathic therapies? Ozone has all of the benefits listed above, and many more, yet has absolutely no side effects. None. As a matter of fact most people think of ozone as having “Side Benefits” instead of “Side Effects”. This is because while treating one disease, ailment, or health challenge with ozone, most patients find that other diseases or problems they have been having miraculously go away. Whether you call it a miracle or not, there is no magic or mystery going on here…ozone simple has far more wide and varied beneficial effects than virtually any other single agent being used in medicine today and at the same time no Side Effects. The real question should not be “Why would I use it?”, but instead, Why Wouldn’t I Use It?

How Do I Use Ozone Therapy? Common Ozone Therapy Application Methods are:

  1. Rectal Insufflation – infusing ozone rectally
  2. Topical Ozone – for open wounds
  3. Major Autohemotherapy – removing blood, ozonating it, returning it to the patient
  4. Minor Autohemotherapy – remove a small amount of blood (10cc), ozonate it, inject it into muscle
  5. Ozone Sauna
  6. Limb Bagging – a topical ozone application
  7. Ozone into Ears
  8. Direct IV Injection (illegal even in some ‘pro-ozone’ countries due to increased risk of injury)

Ozone Therapy protocols are best performed by trained professionals. In many countries around the world, such as Germany and Spain, Ozone Therapy is offered only by trained professionals and is not used at home. Unfortunately in many other countries, such as many Asian Nations, Australia, and New Zealand, there are so few Professionals offering Ozone Therapy Protocols that the only option for many people is to use Ozone Therapy themselves within their own homes. If you are considering using Ozone Therapy you need to ensure that you have the proper information and guidance..

In North America, the number of Professional Practitioners offering Ozone is increasing however it can still be very difficult to find an Ozone Doctor close to your home. (Please check our Ozone Doctor list to see if there is a clinic near you offering Ozone). If it is necessary to use ozone yourself in your own home it is fortunate that there are protocols that are relatively easy to perform. Having said that, before attempting any protocols you should review the protocols carefully, ensure that the protocols you are following come from a reliable source.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be used as an instructional guide, but only as a source of information to clarify how ozone is being used around the world. The information provided in the article was obtained from an International Professional Organization who are responsible for standardizing world wide ozone protocols. (If you have a health challenge you must see a trained medical practitioner. Reading information on the internet is not a substitute for the guidance and treatment that a professional can provide for you. Information on this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice, nor utilized as a substitute for seeking professional care. This site makes no claims regarding the safety, efficacy, nor methods of administration of ozone; information is for your interest only).

What are the Side Effects of Ozone?
Ozone Therapy is usually discussed as having “Side Benefits” instead of Side Effects. Side Effects are usually associated with traditional allopathic medicine, where a medicine is applied to the body to correct a symptom, and yet causes more symptoms or Side Effects. Ozone on the other hand, seems to correct problems that may not be the primary reason for taking the ozone.

An excellent example of this “Side Benefits” of ozone are found in an article posted on this website from Alternative Medicine Magazine about Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD treating a cancer patient with ozone. In doing so, the ozone seems to have also cured her of her diabetes.  The basic systems in our bodies, such as energy production, oxygen delivery, oxygen utilization, immune system enhancement, oxidation levels. In using ozone for one health challenge it makes sense that correcting these systems for that one health challenge would also help alleviate (or eliminate) the other health challenges in the body.


Ozone Therapy Information, Ozone Therapy Articles, and Ozone Therapy Studies
Ozone Therapy Summary:
Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. In North America Ozone Therapy has not yet been fully recognized by the medical authorities.

To briefly summarize, ozone accomplishes these very important tasks in your body:

1/ Ozone is AntiAging (some of those Anti-Aging effects can be attributed to the following list of actions…)
2/ Ozone Increases Oxygenation of your Cells (it has been proven that cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body).
3/ Ozone Modulcates your Immune System (for those with a weakened immune system, Ozone will boost the immune system. For those with Auto-Immune Disorders, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help to stop it from attacking healthy human cells.)
4/ Ozone Increases Energy Production in your Cells (your cells need energy to be healthy; low energy levels mean that you and your cells will not be healthy and will age)
5/ Ozone Increases the Activity of your “Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Systems”. This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body.
6/ Ozone Reduces the level of acidity of your body (never mind the Alkaline Water…use Ozone!)
7/ Ozone kills Bacteria, Viruses (and virtually all other disease causing organisms) on contact
8/ Ozone Kills Cancer cells on contact

The IOA – The International Ozone Association holds International Ozone Congresses every two years in various locations around the world. AEPROMO – The Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy also holds World Ozone Congresses every two years. The recent Ozone Congress held June 2012 in Madrid Spain attracted Ozone Therapy Doctors from 25 countries around the world! Countries such as Brazil, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Austria, and even the USA all have their own Ozone Therapy Associations which hold yearly conventions (Congresses) where physicians from around the world attend to present their new findings, new procedures, and results of new studies. In 2009 there was a very public announcement in Toronto Canada, an announcement that shook the world when everyday “allopathic” medical doctors openly announced that Ozone not only can ozone be used to successfully treat herniated discs, but the studies indicate that Ozone Therapy works far better than traditional surgery!

The word is out and the door is open. Whether you are already knowledgeable about Ozone and know its value in medicine, or whether you are a skeptic, you will enjoy this site on Ozone Therapy. Review the articles posted here, learn about how ozone works, take a course from one of our many Ozone Courses. Learn.

Read the articles in this section to find out how Ozone Therapy may help you!