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PRP & Stem Cell For Shoulder Injuries: Rotator Cuff & Labral Tears and Arthritis - Louisville, KY

“Reducing shoulder pain and restoring health with the first dosage”

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most effective treatments that help in the regeneration of all tendon injuries and ligament damage, especially in the case of torn shoulders. Such treatment falls within a new branch of alternate medicine treatment known as orthobiologics.

This includes the use of stem cells and harnessing the human body’s natural healing and recovery factors to combat a number of diseases, reduce pain and help the individual regain health.
Our Louisville Stem Cell Clinic at Kentickuana Integrative Medicine relies on modern techniques and a highly qualified and experienced team to provide PRP and stem cell-based therapies as an alternate to shoulder surgery. Safe, reliable and virtually free from side-effect, this treatment works wonders in repairing a number of shoulder and rotator cuff injuries. Here is how it works:

How does PRP Work?
The human blood contains red and white bloods cells, platelets and plasma. PRP refers to blood plasmathat contains a large concentration of platelets. Platelets contain the necessary bioactive proteins and growth factors to repair and regenerate body tissues.

Stem Cell & PRP Injections for Rotator Cuff Tears & Labral Tears

A tissue tear within the shoulder can occur in an acute injury or simply chronic wear and tear. Along with rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, ac joint separations, osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint is another common cause of shoulder pain. Either injury or disease can cause laxity of the supportive tissues surrounding the shoulder joints leading to instability which in turn leads to, bone spurs and loss of cartilage.
Stem Cell and PRP therapy can help repairtraumatic or chronic tearing of the rotator cuffs, labrum and other connective tissues in and around the shoulder joint. This non-surgical therapy can also counter subacromial impingement and osteoarthritis that leads to bone loss around the shoulder. Furthermore, stem cell and PRP therapy reduces pain and improves the recovery of damaged and injured shoulders.

A blood sample is obtained from the patient, which is then broken down into its individual components. The platelet-rich plasma content is centrifuged to concentrate the growth factors and the resulting solution is then injected in and around the shoulder joint, along with local anesthesia. When injected, the PRP solution stimulates the body to release more platelets and growth factors to repair the damaged shoulder.
Stem Cell & PRP Alternative
Shoulder replacement surgery requires precision and care, and usually several months of rehabilitation before significant improvement is observed. Even the slightest mistake or miscalculation on part of the surgeon can have devastating results for patients.

PRP and Stem cell-based treatment offers an alternative to rotator cuff surgery and all similar procedures to replace torn shoulder ligaments and many other conditions such as knee osteoarthritis and hip arthritis. Stem cells with regenerative capabilities are drawn from the bone marrow, concentrated in a controlled lab environment and are re-injected into the damaged shoulder region. This speeds up the recovery and regeneration process while also eliminating pain.
Louisville stem cell & PRP injections for rotator cuff, labral tears and shoulder arthritis

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Rotator cuff treatment is an extensive process. Typical surgeries are not only expensive, but require a long period of recovery before the pain starts to diminish and any therapeutic effects are observed. PRP and Stem Cell-based treatments offer several benefits over traditional treatments. These include:
  • Restoring health within the shortest time span
  • Keeping the body safe from external contaminants
  • Preventing any infection from making its way within your body
  • Repairing rotator cuff tears and other injuries rapidly
  • Improving your overall mobility and shoulder movements
To learn more on rotator cuff pain and how PRP and stem-cell treatment helps in healing pain and symptoms of the shoulder, contact our Louisville PRP clinic today!