Patient Testimonials

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Stem Cell Therapy - Knees Arthritis Patient

Our patient, Jim, discusses how stem cell therapy, PRP therapy and prolozone helped him avoid Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

IV Ketamine for Depression Patient

Our patient, Kevin, talks about his long time struggle with depression and how IV infusion treatment changed his life.

PRP Injections and Prolotherapy for Sports Injury Patient

Our patient, Kylie, explains explains how PRP and prolotherapy procedures helped treat her hip pain injury.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Shares Her Success using IV Vitamin C & Ozone Therapy

Our patient, Marla, discusses how Ozone therapy and high dose Vitamin C infusions helped her with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

IV Vitamin Therapy for Cancer Patient

Our patient, Sarah, talks about her battle with Stage 4 Cancer and how High Dose Vitamin Therapy and other alternative treatments and therapies at Kentuckiana helped overcome breast cancer.

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