Stem Cell, Prolotherapy, PRP Treatment for Hip Injuries & Conditions

“Alleviating pain and disease symptoms from the pelvic region completely”

hip pain treatment louisville kyAt Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine, we provide a range of therapeutic measures with respect to alleviating hip pain and rejuvenating the tissues in and around the hip joint and pelvic region, without the need of extensive hip replacement surgery. Such conditions and injuries include:
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Hip Injuries in Sports
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Osteochondritis
Hip pain due to injury or other diseases (such as arthritis) are common nowadays. According to a research conducted by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 7.0% of adults in the United States complained of hip pain during the year 2015. With the passage of time, the research predicts the percentage will increase. The absence of proper medical care for hip pain has further aggravated the problem. With several doctors prescribing a total hip replacement for even the slightest joint dysfunction, finding the right therapy has become increasingly difficult.

Regenerative Medicine: Alternative to Hip Replacement Surgery

Understanding the Symptoms Of all the body pains, hip pains are the most difficult to handle since one relies on walking, sitting and lying down every day. Traditionally, the cure for hip pain encompasses long-term pain management as well as alternate therapies, if the problem is not corrected by a hip surgery. Surgery, combined with extensive medications and physical therapy, is the most frequently prescribed “cure” to remove hip pain. However, that is not the only cure available.
A hip replacement surgery is very traumatic and can lead to months of agonizing pain and discomfort, before any improvement can be observed, leaving patients at the mercy of heavy painkillers along with physical therapy to redevelop strength and restore mobility. At Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine, our Louisville regenerative medicine doctors rely on non-surgical procedures, like platelet rich plasma blood (PRP), prolotherapy/prolozone injections and stem cell therapy as a non-surgical treatment alternative for patients who are considering hip surgery to alleviate and resolve their hip pain and other symptoms.
At Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine, we help heal and alleviate a wide array of hip problems and symptomswithout relying on complicated hip joint replacement procedures. Our approach involves injecting the pain-stricken area with a concentrated dosage of the patient’s own stem cells. This allows the body to heal naturally as the somatic cells have the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate the tissue in and around the joint. After the stem cells have been successfully administered, Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine patients are encouraged to walk around the premises. Most of the patients report a significant improvement around their pelvic region and have no difficulty in walking, while reporting a significant improvement in their symptoms.

Patient Success Story: PRP & Prolotherapy for Hip Osteochronditis

How PRP & Prolotherapy Injections Helped Sports Injury Patient Overcome Osteochronditis of the Pelvis (Hip) Our patient, Kylie, explains explains how PRP and prolotherapy procedures helped treat her hip injury.
Why Choose Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine? The alternate treatment offered by Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine offers several benefits over traditional treatments. In essence, the following points are worth considering:
  • PRP and stem cell based treatment are cheaper, compared to extensive surgery
  • Since patient’s own cells are used, there is very little risk of infection
  • Visible effects are usually felt within the first few days of the injection administration
  • No side-effects involved as the procedure is safe from external contaminants
If you are considering a surgical procedure to treat hip pain, please contact our clinic in Jeffersonville, near Louisville and learn more on the benefits of regenerative medicine for hip pain. treatment.